Story : John Bond


John Bond—Hodgett Wagon Company

“All at once, Sister Scott sprang to her feet in the wagon and screamed out at the top of her voice; “I see them coming! I see them coming! Surely they are angels from heaven!” At such a thing being said I looked the way she was looking but could not see anything.

“All kept looking to the westward for the moving objects, when all commenced to see in the distance at the curve of the hill, what Sister Scott saw, appearing to be three men on horses, driving another slowly in the deep crusted snow, as the wolves howled from all directions. As the moving objects could be seen distinctly, a general cry rent the air. Hurrah! Hurrah! Some of the voices choked with laughter and falling tears. They were tickled to know that they were to be saved and delivered from the fears of an ignominious death. When Sister Scott waved her shawl calling, “We are saved!” It was so loud that all the camp could hear her, and [they cried], “It is! It is surely the relief party from Utah.”

“Joseph A. Young, Daniel W. Jones and Abraham Garr came into camp with a small dun colored pack mule packed with supplies which caused much rejoicing throughout the camp with Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! again and again. The broken hearted mothers ran, clasping their emaciated arms around the necks of the relief party, kissing them time and time again as do the brethren also, rushing up in groups to fall on their necks, the tears falling from their eyes in profusion. They are overjoyed to think that all were soon to have relief and care for the living and sick, [and] burial for the dead. [The cry] “God bless Brigham Young and the rescuing parties sent out to help all to the valleys over the snowclad Rocky Mountains,” was heard all over the camp.”

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