Story : Mary Goble Pay


Mary Goble Pay—Hunt Wagon Company

Mary Goble Pay is the grandmother of Marjorie Hinckley (wife of President Hinckley)

“When I was in my twelfth year, my parents joined the Latter-day Saints. On November 5th I was baptized. The following May we started for Utah. We left our home May 1856. We came to London the first day, the next day came to Liverpool and [then] West on board the ship, Horizon. It was a sailing vessel and there were nearly 900 souls on board. We sailed on the 25th. I well remember how we watched old England fade from sight. We sang “Farewell Our Native Land, Farewell.”

“When we were a few days out, a large shark followed the big vessel. One of the saints died and he was buried at sea. We never saw the shark any more. After we got over our seasickness, we had a nice time. Would play games, and sing songs of Zion. We held meetings and the time passed happily.

“When we were sailing through the banks of Newfoundland, we were in a dense fog for several days. The sailors were kept busy night and day ringing bells and blowing fog horns. One day I was on deck with my father, when I saw a mountain of ice in the sea close to the ship. I said, “Look, Father, look.” He went pale as a ghost and said, “Oh, my girl.” At that moment the fog parted, the sun shone bright till the ship was out of danger, then the fog closed on us again. We were on the sea six weeks.

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